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Create articles automagically using AI

~800 word blog posts written for you automatically.

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Join 21,434 founders & marketers who have used our AI Automation system to 10x their content creation process.

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Harness the power of OpenAI + SEMRush + ContentBot

Unparalleled Content Automation

We merge state-of-the-art technology to create original, high quality blog content automatically.


1. Input your topic

Enter your desired phrase or topic into our automation system. Once done, the AI will start developing an action plan on which content to create.

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2. Content plan created

We use the incredible power and data behind SEMRush to identify which topics the AI should write about. We dig deep into relevant questions and phrases to create a solid content plan for your desired topic or phrase.


3. Up to 15 articles written

Once the content plan has been identified, we use OpenAI's GPT-3 to create an intro, a blog outline, paragraphs for the top three outline headings, and a conclusion.

Inspiration, on tap

Stop trying to figure out what you're going to write next. Allow our AI to deliver new blog topic ideas to you daily, weekly or monthly. Choose your favorite and then get our AI Writer to write the bulk of the content for you.

Tweak, modify and you're good to go!

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Powerful Data

We use data from SEMRush to power the direction of the AI Writer. SEMRush is rated as the best SEO software at a number of international awards.

Only the best, for you.

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Smartest AI

We aren't joking when we say that we use the most powerful AI in the world when it comes to creating content. Baked directly into ContentBot, this AI will knock your socks off with the content it creates - for just about any topic you can think of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. 95% of the content generated by the AI is unique and original. We also provide a uniqueness score for longer form content generated so you can have peace of mind to know that the content you have received is unique.

We make use of a variety of AI models, with the main model being GPT-3 by OpenAI. GPT-3, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model which uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It's a game changer for content creators.

We will not claim copyright over content generated by the AI for you.

$59/month. You can take the product for a spin for seven days for $7.

Yes. Please get in touch with us below.